H A I R  P R I C E  L I S T


All haircuts include a shampoo and blowdry

Men $20

Woman $45

Iron styling add $25


Regrowth $70


Short Hair $75 - $125

Medium hair $95 - $150

Long hair $100 - $220

Full colour

Short (to shoulders) starting from $55

Medium (up to bra strap) starting from $75

Long (past bra strap) starting from $95

Balayage / Creative colour

Short (to shoulders) starting from $100

Medium (up to bra strap) starting from $150

Long (past bra strap) starting from $185


All colour services include a toner/style cut and blow dry/thermal styling


100% European human hair extensions

Individual nano bead extensions

Nano beads are 90% smaller than micro beads. They are incredibly light on the hair so there is no strain on the scalp or roots of your hair. These extensions can last up to 3 years with regular care and retightening appointments.

All extension services include a cut to blend extensions

and blowdry/thermal styling.

1/4 head (added thickness around the front and sides) $150

1/2 head (added volume and thickness throughout) $300

Full head normal/extra thick  $600 - $800

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